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Event Details

From May 29th to Juni 29th the exhibition ‘VINDUER: Parallel Particulars’ is displayed in the Canteen, and on the first day of the exhibition, an artist talk will highlight testimonies of architects’ memories, reflections and observations of windows from here and somewhere else. The exhibition will open with an artist talk on May 29th at 16.00 in the Canteen.

”Looking from outside into an open window one never sees as much as when one looks through a closed window” is a quote from the poem “Windows” by Charles Baudelaire.

Living in different places brings common objects into a renewed state of awareness. Differently, to the impression that imagination is solely activated by novelty, this exhibition celebrates a common architectural element found anywhere: the window. In its universal presence, the window is also a character of particularities. Under such condition, the far and the near meet and converse, constituting places for recollection, discovery and ultimately, the architectural imagination.

The exhibition will consist of:

9 drawings by the author

These drawings are reconstructions and impressions of Danish windows, a graphic celebration of their aura and presence within the city.

9 sets of photographs by Milagros Sánchez Azcona

These photographs are snapshots of windows from Mendoza, the city where the author was born and raised.

9 short talks by

Anders Gammelgaard Nielsen

Angus Hardwick

Charlotte Bundgaard

Chris Thurlbourne

Claudia Carbone

Karen Kjærgaard

Naina Gupta

Nacho Ruiz Allen

Robert Trempe

These talks are testimonies of architects’ memories, reflections and observations of windows from here and somewhere else.

Opening day and artist talk: May 29th at 16:00 in the Canteen


May 29 (Tuesday) - June 29 (Friday)