Tirsdagsrækken: Anthropology

10dec13:00Public lectureTirsdagsrækken: AnthropologyLecture by Mark Vacher from Saxo Instituttet13:00 TYPE OF ACTIVITYEkstern kalender,Intern kalender,Public lecture

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In this talk, Mark Vacher will introduce anthropological approaches to urban environments and architecture. How do anthropologists approach their field, what do they look for, and what constitutes an anthropological finding?

As a framework, Mark will draw on his collaboration with architects on designing housing areas and on his fieldwork experience from studying public space in European and Middle Eastern cities.

As a preparation for the lecture, you can read the article Building a Way to the City? Asking about Objects, Conditions, and Essence as a Methodology for Approaching the Urban in which Mark will present different approaches to the city as an object of study.


(Tuesday) 13:00

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