Tirsdagsrækken: Some thoughts about China

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Stig L. Andersson is the founding partner of SLA and one of Europe’s foremost thinkers and practitioners within the fields of city planning, public space and landscape architecture.

An important branch of his work has been his 30+ years of research and dialogue with Chinese art and culture. Stig’s fascination with China was established since his first travels in the country in 1989 – and evolved in numerous architectural, scientific and cultural projects ever since.

In his lecture (whose title is a greeting to Anthony Caro’s essay Some Thoughts after Visiting Florence where the artist writes about his meeting with renaissance art and its importance for his practice), Stig will show how his dialogue with Chinese culture, arts, history and nature has shaped his vision and thinking about architecture. And how this thinking has informed and enriched several of his and SLA’s most prominent projects, amongst them the international master gardens in Xian (2011) and Beijing (2019) as well as several other projects.​

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(Tuesday) 14:30

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